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Dec 2, 2012 4:00am EST
this kind of surface embellishment then you put the right to a rushing, indonesia and and stretches but does not make you play the savannah this judge is the only way, one white and here we go. there is this at a stretch. >>host: the capabilities to have with the machine what they were making your own one- of-a-kind if you do what 2 never shot of the party in your brain something else,. now will allow you to be kin making creative leather in nevada make a complete throw or blanket for the genes from a much for that low-cost out if you interest i would say it is $50. you can their mark. the pantex were done with a searcher. look how it surge, leather and finish off and cut all in 17 we+ $320 off quantities on both the searcher and the commercial rate heavy-duty sewing machine.taken $7 off customer pick, free shipping and handling emma it would do at all. 951-113.these are all picks and it talks to the quantity that you have with that same car. thank you so much and i knows your final show of the year so continue to call in for your if you for shopping with me thisg and brett is coming up in
Dec 2, 2012 6:00am PST
from? people think it comes from switzer land. it's coming from farmers in africa and in indonesia and in central and south america. >> reporter: he believes that americans will be willing to pay more for chocolate if they know that in turn impoverished farmers will earn more. of all places, why congo? >> why congo? well, it was really ben affleck's fault. >> reporter: yes, that ben affleck. >> like this? that's well fermted. this isn't. >> reporter: earlier this year, we joined ben affleck and joe on a trip to the d.r.c., cocoa can only grow within a narrow climate zone close to the equator. in 2009 affleck started a charity called eastern congo initiative to spur economic development in this war-torn region. five million people have died here due to decades of conflict. >> as i was reading, i just sort of stumbled upon some of these statistics. i was struck not only by the numbers but by the fact that i hadn't heard about it. >> reporter: so affleck decided to use his celebrity as a sort of currency to attract investment. he led a small group of philanthropists, protected by arme
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2